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Welcome back loves😍! Today I’m back with BULLET JOURNALLING post 📔📔to share with you my spread of this month April!!  I really appreciate the way you react to my last bullet journaling posts so I’d like to keep you up with me   in my journey …

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Basic Makeup Bag

YOOO guys !! hope you doing all well

I’m back today with this special post, BEAUTY ITEM 💄 yeah !! finally I decided to make one; I just want to share with you my basic makeup bag that every girl just started on makeup need to have it. it’s gonna be minimalist with affordable price…

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YO !!   I’m back today with a specific post for you guys!! I would like to talk about              💗PINTEREST💗…

I’m really crazy about that social media platform, Pinterest is my best one, I use it for everything in my life, If I could scream it from the mountain tops I would because “I LOVE PINTEREST SO SO MUCH”.  Guys if you don’t use this one so what you are waiting for   😲!!! you are missing a lot of MEN !!

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100 followers & 06 advice for beginners


Hello everyone….!!

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Hello loves!!!

You can’t imagine how much, sit down  here  on my desk, taking my PC and writing this is making me happy, I really  miss you all, I wish that I could have more time for that .. but promises I will sacrifice more time for you guys, seeing  my community grow  lately is such a good  deal for me, thank you all and  I hope you do well while you reading that !!! ..

So as promised, absolutely the end of FEBRUARY is definitely mean PLAN WITH ME POST ….

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♥♥DEAR February!!!

Hola guys, I’m here today with this new series of posts every single month, an update about my MINDSET and my resolutions so far.Here some tips and bits of advice, which I learned from so many books I read I thought it would help you too 😉….

FEBRUARY, The chapter 2 of this great YEAR so far is here, I always used to love this month I don’t know why !!maybe because is  the shortest one , and especially this year, it’s going to be so busy for me;  I will take you with me anyway with my journey   ..

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♥Hello loves!!!

Welcome back to my little corner again 😍  …

Today is the last day of January, it‘s time to say goodbye to 31 pages of this entire year, I really hope that you keep going forward your Goals and most important that you had an amazing month so far💗..

So as planned, here I’m  with my plan with me series, since you all know I’m into bullet journal system  , to be honest , I don’t know how my life could be with my little bujo XD …if  you are looking for organizations ‘systems I really recommend it for  you , you will never regret it😉 …

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Get To Know Me TAG !!

♥Hey everyone !!

Hope you all fine while you reading that , I’m so happy to come back with this post today  ,SO  lately a popular tag #5facts_about_me was rolling on Instagram My account  that ‘s why  I got the idea to do this TAG #GET_TO_KNOW_ME_TAG since alot of you wants that  ,so   i thought it would be fun to do it ,in that way  you could know more  about me   ..

i really hope you are going to enjoy it !!   let’s begin ..
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♥Hey everyone !!

I’m so happy to come back again with this long-awaited post: my bullet journal set up for 2018 .. Honestly New Year’s is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the idea of starting fresh as so many years now “ January is my month for decluttering and planning.

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18 Resolutions For 2018

♥ Hey Lovely people !!

I ‘am back finally  I know it’s been a little bit since I’ve been active on my blog, but I think about it all the time.. I’m really excited to get back into blogging and into my amazing community again.

Thanks for all of you for the huge support on my account on instagram  instagram account and either here, I really hope that you all spending such a great time now?

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